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Safety engineering

Passive safety is our bread-and-butter. Restraint systems, airbags, simulation of occupant crash scenarios with predicted injury outcomes, safety system design and analysis.

Active safety is what we are increasingly active in. Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, vehicle state estimation and environment perception.

Structural analysis

ADVEA can solve an increasingly wide range of static and dynamic analysis problems ranging from simple systems to complex components and sub-systems with a range of boundary and loading conditions for engineering responses such as stress/displacement, vibration frequencies & shapes, buckling characteristics and fatigue & durability to name the most common requests.

A market leader in shape and parametric design improvement, ADVEA is also a provider of design improvement products and services to compliment our analysis capabilities.

Vehicle dynamics & handling

Simulation of vehicle dynamics is a key area of safety and comfort. ADVEA supplies and supports MF-Tyre/MF-Swift which is an advanced tyre modeling software that couples with your multibody solver in order to simulate low and high frequency events right up to full simulation of your vehicle over different terrains and test-track procedures.

State-of-the-art vehicle and motorcycle state estimation (road traction and attitude) is also available as a consultancy service right up to full vehicle integration including sensors, software and control module.


Together with our business partner we are able to offer standards type approval and testing for the Australian, European and International markets for items such as car baby seats & restraints, motorcycle helmets, bicycle anti-theft devices and automotive seatbelts.

Diesel emissions

ADVEA is the local sales and support agency for the simulation of diesel engine emissions technology and components such as Diesel Particle Filter, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Ammonia Oxidiser and associated fuel/urea injection systems. Together with our business partner it is possible to supply complete systems including ECU with control software for complete exhaust aftertreatment that will satisfy Euro VI regulation.


Using our own in-house code, ReSHAPE, as well as partner codes, ADVEA engineers are able to optimise many different kinds of physical systems ranging from structural statics/dynamics responsese such as displacement(stiffness) and stress/strain(fatigue & durability) through to fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and occupant safety systems.