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MUR Motorsports 2014 F-SAE vehicle

ADVEA attended the MUR Motorsports reveal of their 2014 Formula SAE vehicle on Friday night at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne, in an endeavour to keep in touch with talented young mechanical engineers with an automotive focus, and also to learn how computer-aided simulation tools such as Altair HyperWorks are being increasingly used to virtually design vehicles before the build begins.


It was fantastic to see that MUR Motorsports had a good deal of support at the opening, with many sponsors engaged and passionate about the vehicle, which featured a Honda engine on a steel frame with composite aerodynamic surfaces.

A significant amount of effort has been put into simulation of many aspects of the vehicle, including structural analysis and external aerodynamics. The presentation placed a strong emphasis on the team making sure that every feature of the vehicle was justified by engineering, and the technical posters describing the sub-systems certainly showed a significant amount low level thought into the design process.

In the most recent 2013 event, University of Melbourne performed well, coming 3rd overall in the internal combustion class, so it will be interesting to see if they can improve on that result in 2014! Best of luck!


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