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ADVEA engineer joins e-Bus team

ADVEA is very proud of Andrew Miller, who we were involved with training in Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) while he was still at RMIT University. In fact, we introduced Andrew to CAE! We taught his first ever core Finite Element Method course, followed by a second structural optimisation course using FEM, which he elected to take.

The subsequent year we supervised his joint ADVEA and Ford Australia project which was on the topic of investigating batch-meshing software for stream-lining structural analysis models. Andrew looked at Noise, Vibration & Harshness studies considering Altair HyperMesh and BETA Systems ANSA batch-meshing tools, coupled with modeFRONTIER (which ADVEA sells and supports). It was a great investigation and he did an excellent job with it.

Since graduating from Aerospace Engineering, Andrew spent time in Europe gaining invaluable CAD and CAE skills in automotive applications, before returning to ADVEA to work as a CAE analyst in automotive engineering for the last few years.

This year Andrew has joined the AutoCRC electric bus project – a $170mil international cooperation with Bustech, Swinburne University of Technology and Malaysia Automotive Institute, as announced by the AutoCRC.

Andrew will bring his very strong engineering ability in design and analysis to this project, and we wish him the best with this endeavour, and are following the news on this project with great interest.

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