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MADYMO is a CAE package used to simulate the dynamic behavior of mechanical systems such as automotive crashes (including airbag inflation and so on) for the purpose of assessing structural behavior and occupant safety of the vehicle. The supplier company is TASS which is based in the Netherlands.

+ MADYMO detailed description


modeFRONTIER is a parametric design optimisation tool that allows for multiple CAE programs to be coupled together, thus enabling streamlined process automation and a complete design feedback loop that allows for design optimisation of very complex systems. The supplier company is ES.TEC.O which is based in Italy.

+ modeFRONTIER detailed description


ReSHAPE is a direct shape-change design optimisation tool which is used to improve the static performance of existing structures, as well as provide practicle design suggestions for structural concepts. Typically ReSHAPE is used for weight reduction, noise/vibration problems, fatigue life enhancement, and so on. ADVEA Engineering develops ReSHAPE in-house.

+ ReSHAPE detailed description


PreScan is an advanced vehicle simulation tool which is coupled with Matlab in order to design algorithms for automotive systems such as electronic stability, lane departure warning/keeping, adaptive cruise control, driver-assisted braking to name several.

+ PreScan detailed description


SIMCAT is an advanced 1D diesel emission code which is used to design exhaust aftertreatment systems such as diesel particle filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and associated fuel/urea injection systems.

+ SIMCAT detailed description


Delft-Tyre is a comprehensive tyre simulation tool that is used in vehicle dynamics models in order to account for complex tyre behaviour in low and high frequency dynamic events to facilitate the design of durability and control systems such as ABS and ESP.

+ Delft-Tyre detailed description

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