Applying mathematics with a passion


ReSHAPE is a Finite Element design improvement software. It uses mathematical techniques of optimisation coupled with it’s own linear FE solver, to calculate a better shape for your component, for any performance parameter.

CAE analysts that already use MSC.Nastran can learn ReSHAPE to perform basic structural optimization in a couple of hours, and become structural optimization experts in only a few weeks.

ReSHAPE will solve your stress/fatigue problems, and reduce the weight of your components quickly and efficiently, without the need for expensive prototyping and multiple design iterations. Performance targets for NVH problems, and stiffness requirements, become a lot more reachable with ReSHAPE.

Licensing options

Licensing is covered by the Software License Agreement. A very brief overview follows.

  1. ReSHAPE will run models up to 350 elements without a license key by default – this is suitable for testing most of the models in the Starting with ReSHAPE Manual.
  2. ReSHAPE can run unlimited size models if the licensing option “International ReSHAPE Users Hub” is uncommented in the registration file. This can be used for trial purposes only, and ADVEA reserves the right to stop usage after a reasonable trial period.
  3. For commercial users ADVEA will negotiate in good faith a license fee for single or multiple ReSHAPE licenses.

More information

Contact us to find out more about ReSHAPE for structural optimisation of designs modeled with the implicit Finite Element Method.

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